Golf Courses And Boating Tips When Visiting Vero Beach Florida

v3Vero Beach Florida is one of America’s hidden treasures. It’s virtually unknown to a vast number of tourists, but fast becoming a tourists delight. Vero Beach is a pleasant and interesting town to visit, has an excellent climate, challenging golf courses, and a lot of pleasure for boating enthusiasts.

Sandridge Golf Club

You’ll enjoy the Sandridge Golf Club which has two 18 hole championship courses: the Dunes, and the Lake. Sandridge is, as one golfer put it, “one of the finest golf facilities open to the public in the state of Florida.” For instance, the Dunes course has a challenging island green on the front nine, while the back nine is a hilly winding layout that looks out at the Atlantic Ocean.

The Lakes course offers golfers of all skill levels an opportunity to play 18 holes of enjoyable and challenging golf. Particularly when you play the par 4 14th hole, a menacing island green that calls for a well-aimed tee shot.

Orchard Island Golf and Beach Club

The Orchard Island Golf and Beach Club is a splendid “barrier island” course featuring Arnold Palmer’s creative design. Depending on your game, you’ll tee off from any of a number of tee boxes that allow you to play the course from 4,407 to 7, 126 yards. The course highlights fairways that rise and fall as they link the courses together with the many lakes, trees, and creative landscape. It doesn’t matter how well you play, this course tests every part of you game, and you’ll enjoy yourself while taking the test.

Quail Valley Golf Club

Tom Fazio and Nick Price designed a course that’s out-of-sight, and a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. As one golfer commented, “…This is an excellent course. Very tough and very well maintained…One of the top 10 courses I have ever played.”

Boating Tips

Since Vero Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a boaters paradise. There are all kinds of boat tours, pontoon charters, and boat rentals available.

Captain Christy’s “Casual Cruisin”

This popular private pontoon charter takes up to six people on tours to the Indian River Lagoon, and the Sebastian River. While there, you can picnic, and stay out as long as your heart desires.

Inlet Marina

On the two-hour cruise, you’ll visit the Indian River Lagoon, and the Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge. Their three hour-tour visits the spoil islands. These islands and their mangroves are a result of the famous Intercoastal Waterway construction.

Florida Boat Rental

For those of you who want to be the captain of your own boat, Florida Boat Rental fills the bill. Their boats carry eight passengers; and you can fish, snorkel, and even sightsee on the Indian River Lagoon. On the other hand, you can take a pleasurable boat trip to Fort Pierce. Or if you prefer, cruise up to the Sebastian Inlet for a swim, after which enjoy a fine dinner at a great restaurant.

Things To Do In Vero Beach Florida

vero theatreVero Beach is located on the Treasure Coast of Florida, and is a beautiful town with lots to see and do, making it a perfect place for a family vacation. For the nature lover, there are quite a few places to observe some of Florida’s wildlife in their natural habitat.

There is the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge for starters. This was established in 1991 as a haven for the sea turtle. This refuge provides a vast nesting area for the loggerhead and green sea turtles, as well as a smaller nesting area for the rare leatherback sea turtle, which is also one of the world’s largest.

Then there is the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, which as the name implies, is a sanctuary for the pelican, in this case the brown pelican, as well as other birds such as the wood stork, various types of egrets and herons, the white ibis and the double-crested cormorant to name a few. There are Beginning Bird Watching Tours that are offered at this refuge from October to March, so if visiting Vero Beach at that time of year, that is something not to be missed.

The Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is home to all kinds of ducks and teal, and this location has a great nature trail for hiking. There is also fishing, boating, and canoeing available for the water lover.

The Mckee Botanical Garden, which is a historic Florida landmark, is on 18-acres of land, and is a tropical paradise with all types of flora. It is well-known for its extensive collection of water lilies and orchids.

A visit to the Royal Palm Pointe Park is a must, especially in the summer. This park features great views of the Indian River, a fishing dock and picnic tables. There is an “Interactive” fountain for the kids or the kids at heart, so make sure to take along a change of clothes.

The Vero Beach Museum of Art has a diverse collection of exhibits throughout the year and is a good way to learn about the history and culture of the area. There are many programs offered, in both humanities and education, if inclined, to learn about something new.

The McLarty Treasure Museum, located in the Sebastian Inlet State Park, which is a National Historic Landmark, offers a Survivors’ and Salvaging Camp. This site is the location of the 1715 wreckage of the Spanish Plate Fleet and visitors can salvage for treasures from that ruin. There is also an Arts & Entertainment program that tells the story of how that fleet came to be shipwrecked, that plays several times per day.

There are quite a few golf clubs that are open to the public for the golf fanatic. The Bent Pine Golf Club, Vero Beach Country Club and Sandridge Golf Club are all available to the public and are perfect places to indulge your passion.

Traveling to the Treasure Coast Area of Florida

the beach in veroThe Florida Treasure Coast is so named because of a large-scale shipping disaster which occurred in the area in 1715. Twelve ships were battered by hurricane-force winds, forcing the ships into the beach and reefs on the coast. This destroyed the ships and spilled their cargo on the sea floor and on the beach itself.

The ships were carrying silver, emeralds, gold and other valuable cargo. So, the coast was scavenged for years afterward by residents of Florida.

Even today treasure still washes up on this area of the coast of Florida, so the Treasure Coast truly has earned its name.

The Treasure Coast is a major tourist attraction for the state of Florida. It is on the Atlantic coast with the Gold Coast bordering it on the south while the Space Coast borders on the north.

Port St. Lucie is the main city in the Treasure Coast region, and another major city is the city of Sebastian. Coincidentally, the New York Mets train in St. Lucie at certain times of the year.

The area is great for surfing, fishing and diving. Also featured are eco-tours and other nature-focused activities.

The Environmental Learning Center provides a tour through mangrove forests, as well as kayaking tours. The Learning Center also provides exhibits and educational programs focusing on the natural world and nature in the Florida area. The Center is located at 255 Live Oak Drive in Vero Beach, Florida.

In Sebastian, Florida the Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area contains more than three miles of beaches on the tips of barrier islands on the coast. Many outdoor activities are engaged in there, including clamming, crabbing, shrimping, swimming, fishing and surfing. The park is open all hours, year-round, and is one of the major tourist draws in the Treasure Coast area.

Another tourist destination in the area is Fort Pierce, a small town which is a great stop-off point for exploring this area of the Treasure Coast. The Manatee Observation & Education Center in Fort Pierce offers exhibits and teaches visitors about the endangered Manatee, a very gentle sea creature which has habitat in the area.

Fort Pierce also houses the US Navy SEAL Museum, which provides exhibits on the history of the Navy SEALs.

The weather in the Treasure Coast, as in all of Florida, is usually humid and in the 70s and 80s. The rainy and hurricane season in Florida goes from June through September. The area is especially dry from October to May, making Florida a very excellent winter travel destination.

For nature lovers, or for people who love to engage in beach recreation like surfing, fishing or other outdoor activities, the Florida Treasure Coast area is a great place to vacation. With the added bonus of the possibility of finding the treasure which washes up on shore from time to time, the Treasure Coast makes for a different beach experience than the usual beach can offer.


Vero Beach, Florida, is located in the southern region of the state and is a city of around fifteen thousand. The town is in Indian River county. The major industries that are located in this area are tourism, the citrus industry, various service providers, and a large aviation manufacturer.

A large lagoon passes through Vero Beach, and this major coastal waterway allows for area water and boating activities. Water skiing and small craft water activities are prevalent around this region. Various resorts have been built around these water activities. Disney has a resort destination here. Shopping is an important activity for the local tourist and for the local resident.

A major archeological discovery was made in Vero Beach in 1915. Certain fossils that included human archeological remains of five people were found in the canal region surrounding this town. One fossilized human was named the Vero Man and was noted to be from the pleistocene era. These remains were exhibited in the state museum of natural history and in the Smithsonian museum. A historic carving of a mastodon was found just north of this area in 2009. This carving may be the oldest form of art found in the Americas. This ancient art was found to be similar to pleistocene art from Europe. This style of art has been found in south Africa as well.

A national registry of historical places is available for the tourist who is interested in discovering new places of interest. Various historical structures have been placed in a national preservation program. The county courthouse is among the places of historical interest. A local tourist may be interested in visiting this location. An old hotel has many of the architectural features that a building connoisseur may want to visit. Several local arcades are on this preservation list as well.

There are several historical events that have occurred around this region of south Florida. The following are those that may be enjoyable for a local tourist:

1. The city was officially established in 1872. A railway operation was started that allowed for local industry to connect with other various ports of commerce.

2. Human bones were uncovered in the region just north of the town. This discovery began a series of archeological digs that produced other ancient discoveries.

3. A Navy ship yard was begun in this region of the state. Piper aircraft was established in this region. This company began research and development of various aviation services.

4. Several famous people have called this town their residence. These notables include journalists, a professional baseball player, professional tennis players, and actors.

Vero Beach is a smaller town that includes several major attractions. The coastal waterway provides boating and water sports for the tourist resident. Major aviation services are available in this region through a local manufacturer. Several sports celebrities have made this town a residence home.