Traveling to the Treasure Coast Area of Florida

the beach in veroThe Florida Treasure Coast is so named because of a large-scale shipping disaster which occurred in the area in 1715. Twelve ships were battered by hurricane-force winds, forcing the ships into the beach and reefs on the coast. This destroyed the ships and spilled their cargo on the sea floor and on the beach itself.

The ships were carrying silver, emeralds, gold and other valuable cargo. So, the coast was scavenged for years afterward by residents of Florida.

Even today treasure still washes up on this area of the coast of Florida, so the Treasure Coast truly has earned its name.

The Treasure Coast is a major tourist attraction for the state of Florida. It is on the Atlantic coast with the Gold Coast bordering it on the south while the Space Coast borders on the north.

Port St. Lucie is the main city in the Treasure Coast region, and another major city is the city of Sebastian. Coincidentally, the New York Mets train in St. Lucie at certain times of the year.

The area is great for surfing, fishing and diving. Also featured are eco-tours and other nature-focused activities.

The Environmental Learning Center provides a tour through mangrove forests, as well as kayaking tours. The Learning Center also provides exhibits and educational programs focusing on the natural world and nature in the Florida area. The Center is located at 255 Live Oak Drive in Vero Beach, Florida.

In Sebastian, Florida the Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area contains more than three miles of beaches on the tips of barrier islands on the coast. Many outdoor activities are engaged in there, including clamming, crabbing, shrimping, swimming, fishing and surfing. The park is open all hours, year-round, and is one of the major tourist draws in the Treasure Coast area.

Another tourist destination in the area is Fort Pierce, a small town which is a great stop-off point for exploring this area of the Treasure Coast. The Manatee Observation & Education Center in Fort Pierce offers exhibits and teaches visitors about the endangered Manatee, a very gentle sea creature which has habitat in the area.

Fort Pierce also houses the US Navy SEAL Museum, which provides exhibits on the history of the Navy SEALs.

The weather in the Treasure Coast, as in all of Florida, is usually humid and in the 70s and 80s. The rainy and hurricane season in Florida goes from June through September. The area is especially dry from October to May, making Florida a very excellent winter travel destination.

For nature lovers, or for people who love to engage in beach recreation like surfing, fishing or other outdoor activities, the Florida Treasure Coast area is a great place to vacation. With the added bonus of the possibility of finding the treasure which washes up on shore from time to time, the Treasure Coast makes for a different beach experience than the usual beach can offer.

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