Vero Beach, Florida, is located in the southern region of the state and is a city of around fifteen thousand. The town is in Indian River county. The major industries that are located in this area are tourism, the citrus industry, various service providers, and a large aviation manufacturer.

A large lagoon passes through Vero Beach, and this major coastal waterway allows for area water and boating activities. Water skiing and small craft water activities are prevalent around this region. Various resorts have been built around these water activities. Disney has a resort destination here. Shopping is an important activity for the local tourist and for the local resident.

A major archeological discovery was made in Vero Beach in 1915. Certain fossils that included human archeological remains of five people were found in the canal region surrounding this town. One fossilized human was named the Vero Man and was noted to be from the pleistocene era. These remains were exhibited in the state museum of natural history and in the Smithsonian museum. A historic carving of a mastodon was found just north of this area in 2009. This carving may be the oldest form of art found in the Americas. This ancient art was found to be similar to pleistocene art from Europe. This style of art has been found in south Africa as well.

A national registry of historical places is available for the tourist who is interested in discovering new places of interest. Various historical structures have been placed in a national preservation program. The county courthouse is among the places of historical interest. A local tourist may be interested in visiting this location. An old hotel has many of the architectural features that a building connoisseur may want to visit. Several local arcades are on this preservation list as well.

There are several historical events that have occurred around this region of south Florida. The following are those that may be enjoyable for a local tourist:

1. The city was officially established in 1872. A railway operation was started that allowed for local industry to connect with other various ports of commerce.

2. Human bones were uncovered in the region just north of the town. This discovery began a series of archeological digs that produced other ancient discoveries.

3. A Navy ship yard was begun in this region of the state. Piper aircraft was established in this region. This company began research and development of various aviation services.

4. Several famous people have called this town their residence. These notables include journalists, a professional baseball player, professional tennis players, and actors.

Vero Beach is a smaller town that includes several major attractions. The coastal waterway provides boating and water sports for the tourist resident. Major aviation services are available in this region through a local manufacturer. Several sports celebrities have made this town a residence home.

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